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Easily Distracted

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Two updates in one year? What is this madness?

Well, since I was forced to upgrade WordPress for security reasons, I thought I might as well stop by and make a post.

My enthusiasm for all things Cybiko didn’t last in the face of things stepping up at work. I do still hope to do something for them, but I’ve allowed myself to be distracted by other projects, with just as little, or less, progress.

First off I was persuaded to sell my WonderMagic, by someone who was in danger of actually using it, and I used the money to buy some cheapo Portable Media Players (PMPs) from DealExtreme, which may or may not prove hackable.

That was last week’s fad, though.

Now I’ve heard about the Uzebox, and am beginning to get interested in that. It still seems to be in the domain of the electronics hobbyists at the moment, rather than us programmers, but I might have a go at building one anyway.