Jim’ll Fix It

August 8th, 2005

I have uploaded a fixed version of Cortex for the Pokemon Mini, at the same address as before, following Lupin’s tests on real hardware.
Version 0.53 fixes the scrolling, spreads the heaviest calculations over several frames, fixes a map bug and a few other things.
The step counter and best scores and the level selection screen are the main things remaining to be done, along with a fair bit of sharpening up on the UI and general friendliness. I wonder how much I can do before my attention is again distracted by something shiny.

State of Play

July 30th, 2005

The Pokemon Mini version of Cortex was well underway before I decided what to do about a website, and has been playable for a couple of weeks now. I used the magic of deadlines to motivate myself, by deciding to demonstrate the game at the Coders’ Workshop Meet on the 16th July.
Here’s the screenshot from Pokeme (with added border):
Pokemon Mini version
It can be downloaded from the Cortex page, until I think of a better way to manage the downloads.
It should be fully playable, but there are a few things that need tidying up, and still to be added are the selection screen; move counter and records; sound and music (both absent from the original); and possibly instructions and stuff.

Diary Moved

July 30th, 2005

I have brought the Midnight diary into WordPress now, in the vain hope that I might update it a bit more often.
The old stuff is still available here.
I am intending to put some serious time into Midnight, soon, and finally bringing it to version 1.0. It’s been sitting around for too long, and my inability to finish the last 5% of anything is beginning to embarrass me. :-)

Shifting Sands

July 29th, 2005

I decided to reorganise the blog into a site-wide system rather than just a Cortex blog, so I’ve created a subcategory for Cortex, and will probably add others for the other projects as and when I have anything to say.
I really need to get the site organised now that Team Pokeme have linked to me. Maybe I’ll add a way of reaching this blog in the next few days. :-)


July 26th, 2005

Welcome to the new Cortex blog, documenting my attempt to port a game across several obscure formats.
The game was originally called Sortomatic, and was written in Java (J2ME) for mobile phones.
Current target formats are: Pokemon Mini, WonderSwan, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Gameboy Advance and GP32.