EEPROM Browser

I’ve been working on a few sub-projects for the Pokemon Mini on and off for a while, and two of them have come together over the Christmas break to result in the EEPROM Browser, which, while maybe not inherently exciting, does mean that I will soon be able to save the progress from Cortex, one of the two major outstanding features (along with sound).

The PM saves games to an internal 8k EEPROM, and although quite a bit was known about it, no-one had really managed to use it until now. I still need to figure out how to write to it, but I think the browser has unlocked some of the mysteries for me. There is source included in the zip, but I’ll try to write up something proper before too long.

The other mini-project was the 3×5 font used in the browser (4×6 including the spacing). This allows 24×10 characters on the screen, which is almost a reasonable amount of text. The bin file included with the source contains the 96 characters from space (0×20) through to erm, another space (0×7f), and the source contains some functions to draw them.

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