The FreeBasic port of OHRRPGCE

The Official Hamster Republic RPG Creation Engine (OHRRPGCE) is a DOS-based RPG engine written in QuickBasic. This means that it doesn't always run well on modern PCs, and also that it is constantly running up against DOS constraints preventing further development.

FBOHR takes advantage of the close code-compatibility between FreeBasic and QBasic to bring the engine to 32-bit systems. The primary target is Windows, but Linux and 32-bit DOS versions should also be possible.

The FBOHR builds will eventually be incorporated into the main OHRRPGCE releases (Game is already integrated). Builds on this site should be looked upon as betas, for testing and improving, since the mainstream OHR releases are too infrequent.

I hope to step up the pace of fixes and releases until both Game and Custom are stable enough to go in the official version.

There are currently two versions, since I'm not sure which way to go. By the time I got to the fourth new sound library (Allegro), I decided to restructure the code so it was easier to swap elements around. That means it's harder to decide which ones to actually use. I'm not sure I like using Allegro much, and it is certainly much larger than the FreeBasic GFX library. Since SDL is currently only used for sound, so far, it might be possible to make a much smaller version with no external DLLs. I don't know. I'll leave it open for comments.


fbohr.zip (634k) - euclid - Windows version with SDL.

fbohr2.zip (619k) - epicurus - Windows version using Allegro.

Euclid/Epicurus - 2006-02-11 - Fix screenshot. Fix volume reset in SDL. Handle errors better in lump/unlump. Add some screen refreshes for error messages and script import/export.
Descartes/Derrida - 2006-02-09 - Sprite editor fixes. Cosmetic improvements. Fix mouse issue in Allegro version. Allegro version now statically-linked and no longer requires the DLL.
Chomsky+/Camus+ - 2006-02-06 - Fix music file problem. The non-Allegro version is now double-sized too. There's always something.
Chomsky/Camus - 2006-02-04 - Fix font problem. Fix sprite editor. Add MIDI file import. Speed up graphics and lump/unlump.
Berkeley+/Bentham+ - 2006-01-24 - Fix problem with overhead tiles and passmap.
Berkeley/Bentham - 2006-01-23 - First version with Custom. Many fixes. New graphics system.
Aristotle - 2005-10-18 - First official binary release.

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